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You don't need paths to attempt the adventure


Photo n° 2 You don't need paths to try the adventure

Format 70x100cm

Print on aluminum

Contact me to ask for information

TheprojectPaths are not needed to attempt the adventure consists of a series of 15 images that are accompanied by an artistic map of the explored area and a leporello.
The idea for this work was born in the Ticinello Agricultural Park (Cascina Campazzo in the south of Milan), on a winter morning, when everything is frozen and strange concretions form in the pools that catch my eye.
And so I begin to imagine another dimension.

After having photographed them, subjected to a careful and scrupulous digitization, the images become other worlds that surprise us and lead us on an exploration that takes us back in time, when we had fun with shapes as children.


The project aims to encourage artistic experimentation as a tool for territorial enhancement.
For the neighborhood it was an opportunity for growth, also thanks to the comparison and interaction between the inhabitants and the artist who decided to photograph common pools of frozen water to allow us to explore the area of the Ticinello Agricultural Park.

The pandemic has changed the way we look at the world.
This project contains my thoughts. I believe that there is no need to go to exotic places to discover something, we have everything at hand, just look away from the repetitive and go beyond the visible.
And so also my neighborhood in the south of Milan, where I have lived for many years, becomes a new, unique and personal world for all of us.

From this interactive map you can consult and search for the sites where the shots were taken.
Follow the path and click on the map pins to view all the works.


Artistic leporello, format 6,3x10,4cm, 10€ +any shipping costs

All photos are salable in the fsize 70x100cm, print on aluminum

Contact me to view all the shots and know the cost of the works.


“In elsa lamartina's images of reality there is nothing left, only geometric shapes and signs
which take on an abstract expression, an essential principle for freeing the imagination, the frozen puddles become 'fluid' matter, undefinable since it lacks a status which, through the cartography of the territory created by the artist, becomes a visual narrative.”

Paula Rizzi

       ©2022  elsa lamartina Visual Artist - VAT number 08141560964

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