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I'm not Sicilian, I'm Milanese, but I wanted to steal this "female" definition from the Sicilian dialect.

In the Sicilian dialect the meaning female takes on different shades of meaning: from the mother of the family, to the career woman, to the "man eater", to the mature woman in general.

Because being a woman has multiple nuances and roles. The projects I do on the female figure talk about all types of women. I don't want to be biased and I don't claim to be a convinced feminist but I just want to talk about the woman, the female and if I have to do or say or show something uncomfortable I do it without taking sides or with judgement.

I have no children but I am a mother

With the project I don't have children but I'm a mother I wanted to tell my journey of awareness towards becoming aware of not wanting children, and how I found myself in a troubled tangle of feelings coming from and directed towards the surrounding society.


As a woman I have found that it is difficult to represent a nude that does not attract a malicious gaze. The female body seems crushed, imprisoned and compressed by the stereotype, which is why I used the scanner to capture the images.

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