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Dear Oracle, will I die?


Title: Dear Oracle, will I die?
Technique: video
Installation:3 monitors 27.5 x 26.1 x 35.8 cm; x 2 black Brionvega algo 11 monitors, arranged in a room that recalls the style of the cinema but furnished in 70s style.

My name is Elsa but Elsa is also someone I have never had the pleasure of meeting.
During my parents' wedding ceremony, miaGrandma Elsa, my father's mother, discreetly walks away, leaves the church, sits on a bench and leaves us like that.
My family is anxiously awaiting a girl, who is slow in arriving.  
My mother, after having first suffered the premature loss of a child, later gave birth to my older brother Paolo and then became pregnant with me. 
One spring night my grandmother Elsa appears to my mother in a dream and tells her:“you will have a girl and you will call her Elsa”.
Here perhaps my story, or rather the story they told me, was born from an oracle, the greatest oracle:the dream.

At the oracle it is as if we unconsciously ask if we will die, when we will die, how we will die, as if we did not realize that we are mortal and not impermanent. 
Dear Oracle, will I die? 
The Oracle knows everything, but are we ready for his divination? Sometimes I question his answer, I guess he wants to test me, but I don't want to accept his answer. Does the Oracle really have an autonomous thought system?
Some images in the video were chosen with this method, I use it because I know that it makes decisions not based on duty but on pleasure, it is in accordance with what is good for me and not what should be good for me. It's morein contact with the natural energy of things.
I use different oracles, because it also depends on where I am and what means I can use for divination, most of them I use with a closed answer, yes or no. 
The project aims to take up the concept of psychic automatism by which we mean the automatic transfer, without the mediation of reason, in the forms of art, of images and associations that flow freely from the unconscious,rationality versus intuition




Elsa Lamartina, visual artist and founder of the Lamartina atelier

(@atelier_lamartina on Instagram)



Born in 1977 in Milan, Elsa Lamartina explores the many languages of art to investigate the world: sculpture, photography, video, installation and artisan bookbinding.


Imaginationit is a powerful means of understanding where we are and who we are, that poetic invention can facilitate reflection and understanding of today's environmental problems without having to resort to the explicit visual message of the media".


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