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My Water

Querida agua

This editorial project is entirely dedicated to water and its value, and contains five works:I created the ocean,The fury of the Sarno,Yacuruna,You don't need paths to try the adventure and Amnios. In all, the focus is the water, represented in multiple forms and valued for its different practical and symbolic aspects.

This artist's primary interest has always been to enhance the concept of water in its natural, geological, symbolic, spiritual, universal ecological meaning.
For this reason, over the years, Elsa has developed a series of projects dedicated to the theme of water, so much so that she has now decided to collect them in a prestigious monographic publication.
The book project collects the author's great visual research work dedicated to the symbolic, energetic and environmental value of water in the world, from Peru to Sarno (Italy), up to the sensations experienced immersed in a sensory deprivation tank.
The title of the book is  Querida Agua because it is intended as the beginning of a letter full of affection addressed to water, our source of life.

From the book:

Water saved my life. 
Water saves my life every day.


"Although water is everywhere, outside and inside us, it seems to be invisible, perhaps because it is so present that we tend to underestimate its value"

As a child I was always in the water, whether it was the sea or the pool, I spent hours in the water. 
When I went to the sea I was always in the water, I fished, I jumped, I dived higher and higher, with the mask on I spent hours looking for fish and it was as if I was talking to them, but I also discovered what it felt like to bathe in in the middle of the sea when everything is dark and you begin to feel the abyss beneath you. 

Water can be warm, enveloping, relaxing but then it preserves the depth, the abyss and metaphorically also the great unconscious.

When I started working artistically on waterit wasn't a studied choice, the first works were born spontaneously.

Over the years there has been a maturation of the meaning of water, its symbolism, its importance in the environment and for man, water as a substance and the cycle of which it is part in maintaining a healthy climate and not only.

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