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Naked - 1d22
Format: 43x53cm

Information: Metallic silver frame, cmatte photographic art, pigment print

A woman who does not conform to stereotypes is labeled as "ugly", so the photo of a woman's body that is not representedpresented as it is "usually" done, it is an ugly photo. 
As a woman, I have found that it is difficult to represent a nude that does not attract a mischievous gaze, that does not invite objective voyeurism. 
The photo of a male body does not suffer the same gaze, it is as if discrimination occurred in the gaze. The gaze has been influenced and "educated" to an erotic nude, to a gaze that very often stops at aobjectified female nude, which becomes an object of use and abuse.

With the work I present I wanted to map my body, part by part using thecopier machine scanner
The scanner acquires images reconstructing them in digital format, these appear distorted and discordant from the usual nude, because the reproduced object is crushed, imprisoned, compressed, as the female body can be considered,crushed, imprisoned and compressed by the stereotype.
The image that appears is not completely realistic but is modified by the investigation instrument and this is intended to be a way to guide the gaze towards a concept and not just the nude in and of itself.
In everyday life the body is scanned, it is analyzed to see if it adheres to acceptable standards, it is almost instinctual to do so. 
I look to analyse, compare, judge and enjoy but always without getting involved, like looking at a shop window.

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Nude - 1a22
Year: 2022
Format: 43x53cm
Information:Metallic silver frame, matte photo paper, pigment print

Personally, I find it very difficult to do nudity, because the male gaze creates a lot of discomfort and annoyance for me. I have always felt violated by others and frustrated by the fact that men often stopped at nudity and complimented me on my appearance and not on my work.

With this projectI put myself to the test and it is with great courage that I present this work.


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Nude - 1b22
Year: 2022
Information: metallic silver frame, matte photographic art, pigment print

Nude  - 1e22
Year: 2022
Format: 43x53cm
Information:Metallic silver frame, matte photo paper, pigment print

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