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elsa lamartina,
Visual Artist  
and founder of the lamartina atelier

Born in 1977 in Milan. In 2020 she leaves her job as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst and dedicates herself to the work of a visual artist, experimenting with various languages ​​of contemporary art. An intense passage that is reflected in her works. ​


"I think my art can be considered a collective psychoanalysis, if I may say so.." ​


She works in her atelier, "her den", as she defines it, which on some occasions opens to the public or hosts authors looking for a space to exhibit. ​


What does Elsa Lamartina do? ​


She dedicates herself to her personal works of tailor-made commissions for individuals, public or private structures. She also supports the importance of exchange between artists and is always in favor of collaborations.​ ​


If you want information, request a job or collaborate, contact me!

"imagination is a powerful means to understand where we are and who we are, that poetic invention can facilitate reflection and understanding of today's environmental problems without having to resort to the explicit visual message of the media."


from 19 to 26on the occasion of the world water day the installation will be heldYou don't need paths to try the adventure, click sullinks for all information



13-14Participation toOpen house Milan 2023 edition  

May 27 / June 11

Guest at the Voghera Photography Festival 2023 with the projectThe Fury of Sarno 

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In the meantime we are collecting reservationsfor the monographQuerida water.

My primary interest has always been to enhance the concept of water in its natural, geological, symbolic, spiritual, universal ecological meaning.

For this reason, over the years, I have developed a series of projects dedicated to the theme of water, so much so that I have now decided to collect them in a prestigious monographic publication.

You can view the preview of the monograph by clicking on this link mock-ups

To book it, you need to fill in the form by clickinghere

Installation at the Ticinello Agricultural Park ofYou don't need paths to attempt the second edition adventure


Participation in Bookcity Milano for the presentation of the monograph Querida Aguawhich will be available from March 2023 

Participation in Paratissima in the collective installation Unpredictable Happiness with the projectDear Oracle, will I die? 

InstallationDear Oracle, will I die?on the occasion of the exhibition Out of Blindness curated byPhotosensitive pathways

Solo exhibition ofI created the Ocean at hisatelier the

European Photography Festival Circuit OFF with the project
I have no children but I am a mother

Participation in Open House Milano with his studiolamartina studio
Opening of his art studio lamartina studio

Installation You don't need paths to attempt the adventure

Collective exhibition History Imagine with workanimusanima

European Photography Festival Circuit OFF with the project parkesine

Publication in the magazineEyesopen with project parkesine

Collection Italy photo awards of the Ethical Photography Festival

Collective exhibition with the projectThe Fury of the Sarno

European Photography Festival Circuit OFF with the projectThe Fury of the Sarno

Collection Italy photo awards of the Festival of Ethical Photography

Mi Nombre, Exhibition at the Department of Linguistic Mediation and Intercultural Studies 


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