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lamartina studio


Photo: installationI created The Ocean

in the lamartina atelier

For this installation the works were hung and placed on the ground in order to create an immersive path.

A bright space with a minimal design


In the lamartina atelier I host exhibitions, installations and events involving the world of art, photography, design and painting.

I chose to make my studio available because as a Visual Artist I wantpromote and disseminate culturenot only through my works, but also by giving other artists the opportunity to tell their stories 

and their creative approach.


The atelier, inaugurated in April 2022, is located atMilanin via Missaglia 17, in the southern area that became part of the Ecological Connections project "Milan city of Campagna". 


I took care of and studied the space down to the smallest detail together withValentina Arrigoni, Architect & Interior Designer.

In all roomsa minimal style and white color reign, while Idetailsthat we have entered conferuniqueness to the environment.


"The shadow makes each of us unique and special, because our true beauty is in our integrity, therefore also in our dark side. Most of our resources and energy reside in the shadows, often abandoned."

Carl Gustav Jung 


It is the same in photography, if there were no shadow there would be no images.

The tailor made staircase

As soon as we enter, we find ourselves in front of the absolute protagonist: a "tailor made" staircase with decisive lines
and as well. The minimal parapet in carbon steel, characterized by decisive shapes in white, offers an elegant support for those who want to go up to the floor of the atelier.

While the solid oak wood of the steps warms us,

we are kidnapped by a strong contrast between lights and shadows.

The walls left rough and illuminated by very particular wall lamps give contrast to the linearity of this architectural element.


The three rooms of the atelier

Going up to the attic floor, you enter the world where I love to transform art into magic. A comfortable exhibition space welcomes us to the atelier, from which three rooms overlook. The minimal style reigns in all three rooms: in my studio – a large room with laboratory and installation corner –, in the archive room and in the space used as a reading-recreational area.

Thanks to the use of white color, we have chosen
to underline the importance of the role of light, enhanced thanks also to the large skylights present in all the rooms.

The design of the bathroom

To give character to the atelier is the bathroom, with a refined and refined style. The brass sanitary ware and taps with a retro line recreate a style with a timeless and at the same time modern charm.

The black and white floor and a very original wallpaper with a "pineapple" texture give an original and distinctive touch to the room.


Do you need an exhibition location to rent for your next project?
Contact me to tell me about your needs.

You can rent the space: 

and with the support of the curator of the lamartina atelierLoredana De Pace
recommending excellent printers in the area, to reconfigure the atelier and adapt it according to your artistic needs

it's just space

       ©2022  elsa lamartina Visual Artist - VAT number 08141560964

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